Monday, December 29, 2014

I don't always just write here...

Writing for me is essentially a hobby. I write when I feel like it, or when I find something that hasn't been written about much before. I am also an opportunist, so if something rolls around that I can leverage my writing for, I sometimes do it. I have written a few articles for SWAT Magazine, the only print magazine I deem still worthy of reading (although Recoil is making a come back). I have also written two articles for The Truth About Guns when they have been running writing competitions. The first was a review of the Wilson Combat Recon Tactical. The second was more recent and a review of the Taurus 605. Might be some other writing projects in progress not posted to this blog. I will post links when they happen.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adventures in Magnum Land

I was reminded yesterday by a friend that the blog has been quite lately, so I decided it was time to post something new.

I have long had an affinity for revolvers. I started off with a S&W 638, have shot a .38 Special GP100 a bit, and Ruger SP101, the RIA M200, and now a Taurus 605. I briefly toyed with .357 magnum loads in the SP101, but it was a fairly tame 158gr LSWC. Picking up the Taurus I decided to try a few more .357 magnum loads. First on the list, Barnes 140gr Vortx. Watching the below video, you can see the the chronograph numbers of the 140gr Vortx out of the same model revolver as I am shooting.

To give some perspective, hotter 124gr +p 9mm loads run around 1,200 fps out of service size pistol, so 4"-5" barrels. The Taurus 605 has a 2" barrel, and is launching a bullet approximately 12% heavier at a velocity just over 1,200 fps. There is some thump to it.

I wouldn't say shooting the Barnes 140gr Vortx was painful, but it was overpowering my ability to grip the pistol and preventing any semblance of a fast follow up shot. It is probably not something I would try to carry as a defensive load unless my ability to control the gun improved significantly.