Monday, May 5, 2014

A Return to IDPA

I shot my first match in almost 2 years over the weekend. Life has just been in the way of shooting local matches, and even though it is something I really enjoy I set it aside to prioritize other things. I was fortunate enough to get back into it, at least for a day, at Last Resort Firearms Training.

It was a good match. The guys at Last Resort are top notch and put on a good match with good stages. I on the other hand had some pretty stupid mistakes, to be expected after a year off I suppose. I ended up finishing 10th overall out of 42, 6th in my division (SSP).

Some of the my take aways from the match are 1) don't take make up shots you don't need (see above video), 2) work on managing stress for the first stage (see stage 3 on the score sheet), 3) work on foot placement for working around cover in a competitive environment.