Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Moat Group & The Criterion

I noted in my last update that I was participating in The Moat Group's monthly Criterion Challenge. For the month of August they decided to have two divisions, one for handgun and one for rifle. There will be a winner in each division. This months challenge is actually pretty fun, check out the video.

Target transitions are something I really suck at, especially with a rifle. So I decided I needed to try this one on the rifle. Plus I didn't want to go head to head with Alex this month, I wanted a month off :) The way the targets are arranged it presents an interesting challenge. The two cards oriented horizontally require greater sight reference than the cards oriented vertically because even though technically they are the same size, they are shorter, and with the bore offset on an AR-15 shorter targets tend to be harder to hit.

I decided to attack this drill in a way that allows me to ride the recoil of the firearm and not have to fight the gun as much. So I started with the bottom left index index card and shot the left column first. I then took the long transition back to the bottom right and worked my way up the right column.

Best time, a 3.12. I had a couple runs under 3 seconds but they all had at least one miss. I think with some more work, sub 3 second runs are possible.

Speaking of 3 second runs, Alex ran a 3.03 with a handgun. Interestingly enough, he attacked the challenge in a very similar fashion as I did, working each column instead of transitioning across.

Just for giggles, I also ran this months challenge with a shotgun. Because buckshot :)

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