Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Return of the Glock

So the Gen4 Glock 22 that I was using in the first Catch 22 post (here), is back from Glock. For a while it had been having issues with the exact same type of malfunction (pictured right). It is a beast of a malfunction to clear because a simple tap, rack won't get it done. You have to strip the magazine, then rack and so on and so forth. Much like a double feed/fail to extract. I sent the gun off to Glock because it just seemed to be getting worse despite my best efforts to figure it out.

I got a call from the Glock technician 2 weeks ago saying the gun was on its way back. I asked what had been done to it and he explained that the Gen4's have been "updated" from the earlier production versions, which I think is pretty well known. The parts replaced were the extractor, ejector and connector. The extractor visually appears just the same as what was already in the gun. The connector is the "dot" connector, no big surprise there. The ejector is where I see the difference. The profile is significantly changed from the old style ejector, which to my knowledge has been the same on .40 S&W guns for quite some time.

I have about 1,000 rounds through the gun since it came back and so far so good. Ejection is much more consistent than it used to be. In the past, I would have brass going all over the place, now it is fairly consistently going to my 4 o'clock. Time will tell if the fix actually keeps the gun fixed.
New ejector in front, old style ejector in rear.


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