Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The .22 Update

So the idea that I would spend much time dedicated to learning how to shoot a .22 caliber pistol for defensive purposes has perplexed even myself at times. I am generally not the guy who would carry such a gun, and have even ribbed people in the past about carrying "small" guns. Not because I think small guns are bad or won't get the job done, but because I think bigger guns will make getting the job done easier.

ToddG posted on about The Passion of the Gun. Basically the point being that somehow certain handguns have extra appeal for certain people and the enjoyment from shooting those guns causes the act of practice to be less mechanical, or taxing on the shooter. All this in turn leads to more shooting, more practice and in the end a better shooter. It is an insightful read.

Pretty much that is what this gun is. For a long while I have been "bored" with shooting Glocks, or 1911's, or whatever else I might have been shooting at the time. For me, the guns that I enjoy shooting are guns that people typically don't try to shoot to any meaningful level of performance like a small "pocket" gun (and AR-15's, I like AR-15's for some reason too). Basically the PT-22 is my break from the norm (or at least my norm), to try and do something different and challenge myself in new ways.
Five rounds at 7 yards with 40gr Lapua HV

I managed to get my hands on some more .22 ammo and now have about 250 rounds through the gun (really inconsequential). The Remington Golden Bullet has run pretty well, just a couple hiccups. The RWS R50 had a few failures to eject. I attribute it to the light load. Lapua 40gr High Velocity HP has run fine. The other issue was the gun shooting insanely low at just 3 yards. It was off by about 3". I had to file down some of the front sight to get the POI/POA to match. More to come when I can get some more ammo.

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