Friday, March 14, 2014

PT-22 at Distance

I finally got the opportunity to get the PT-22 past 10 yards a few days ago. I fired 2 rounds at 3 yards, 2 rounds at 7 yards, 2 rounds at 15 yards and 3 rounds at 25 yards. Everything stayed inside the 8" target zone except for the 3 rounds at 25 yards. I am not sure if I am influencing the gun and causing it to shoot left (most likely) or if it is the gun itself. I generally would not have any problems hitting the 8" circle from 25 yards with a full-size gun, but things change with a gun this small. Because of time constraints I didn't have a chance to work out what the issue was. The gun is running pretty well, but the round count is still insignificant.

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