Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dot Torture and the PT-22

Dot Torture is one of my standard drills. Anytime I am starting out with a new handgun, it is a drill that I use to measure my performance with that specific gun. I can typically easily clean Dot Torture from 3 yards, can get it from 5 yards with a little more work, but have yet to get a 50/50 at 7 yards. So I know that if I struggle at 3 or 5 yards I need more work. Or if I clean it at 7 yards I am shooting better than I normally would.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot Dot Torture with the PT-22 and scored a 49/50 at 3 yards. I am disappointed in the one miss because it was completely my fault. One of the problems for me with shooting Dot Torture at a distance that it is relatively easy to accomplish is that I tend to go faster than I should be. Because I know I can get the hits at 3 yards my training focus shifts from "just get the hits and clean the drill" or "how fast can I get the hits and still clean the drill". That is okay if I am not using the drill as a measuring stick, but in this case it came back to bite me. The one miss on dot # 3 is from trying to go too fast on the presentation and breaking the shot just a hair too early. Otherwise it would have been a 50/50.

I think the gun is capable of cleaning the drill at 5 yards at least, maybe 7 with a little more practice. Even though the trigger is DAO, it is relatively smooth and matches my taste in triggers pretty well. So far my only complaint about the gun is that is a .22. 

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