Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I recently read a blog post by Mike Seeklander on Self-Limiting Assumptions and it struck a cord with my personal training and practice. Even now, when I should know better, I find myself thinking things like "How could I be any faster?".

When I first started shooting I was in a relatively small group of guys, maybe 40 all together. Out of those 40, I was certainly one of the best and thought I was pretty good because of it. I assumed that those around me who were also "good" were as good as a shooter could get within reason. Of course there would be a few outliers who could be better, but by and large, we were good. I had unknowingly imposed a self-limiting assumption on my performance by thinking we couldn't get any better. Once I branched outside of that group being good took on new meaning. Those self-limiting assumptions went away because I had seen better, and now I am better for it.

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