Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Small Gun

I generally don't shoot or carry smaller guns. I shot an LC9 for a little while, a Ruger SP101 for a bit, and a S&W 637 for a few months before that. Outside of those three guns, everything else has been full-size or compact to include various Glocks, a couple Sigs and a Beretta. I decided it was time to add another small gun, but I wanted this one to be really small. I also wanted it to be a .22 because when you can find it, it is still cheaper than any other pistol caliber. I decided to go with a Taurus PT-22. I don't expect much from a small .22 caliber pistol, nor a Taurus, but it will be interesting to see what this little pea shooter can do. I have done an initial function check and everything seems to be working relatively well. I have run two different types of ammunition through it, bulk Remington Golden Bullet JHP and ungodly expensive (at least for .22) RWS R50 match ammo. When I get more ammo, I will start running some of the typical drills I shoot like Dot Torture, the 300, etc. to see how its shootability measures up to the other guns I would typically be shooting.

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