Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The R1 Update

At heart, I am cheap. I know it, and I embrace it. I wanted a magwell on my 1911, but didn't want to drop the coin on one, I also am rather fond of the Main Spring Housing (MSH) on my R1 and see no need to replace it in order to get a decent magwell too. So, I found a set of Mako magwell grips for less than half the price of a magwell. The down sides  to this option are losing the aggressive factory grips already on the R1 Enhanced, and then of course the potential lack of durability. I can solve the texture issue easy enough, but the durability problem is a little harder to address.

The grips installed without an issue, pretty easy swap. The fit isn't perfect around the magwell. I think the grips are intended for, or at least designed to accommodate use with a magwell that has not already been beveled and the R1 Enhanced comes from the factory with a beveled magwell. That means the lip of the magwell on the grip very slightly overhangs the lip of the beveled magwell on the gun. A cosmetic issue really, but it still bothers me for some reason.

So far the reloads are certainly faster and easier to execute. I haven't put them on the clock yet because like I said, I am cheap, and haven't gotten around to getting a mag pouch. I have just been running reloads from the pocket, or with mags tucked into my belt. The grips have only seen 60-80 reloads, so long term durability is yet to be determined. So far, they are functional. We will see how long they stay that way.

The gun has hit the 700 round mark, mostly 230gr FMJ of various manufacture with a healthy helping of 185gr Remington Bonded Golden Saber with no malfunctions. Nothing really impressive, but honestly better than I expected from a 1911 that cost less than $1,000. The only "tuning" I have done is tentioned the extractor. It was really loose from the factory, but that is a pretty easy fix that most end users should be capable of making.

You might also notice from the picture below that I am sticking with the same type of magazine supplied by Remington with the R1 Enhanced, Mecgars. I know that other brands of 1911 magazines are considered "the best", but I found the internet to be void of information on Mecgar 1911 magazines and thought I would contribute. I personally think the design of the Mecgar follower is genious, although it does have one drawback. Watch the blog for a more detailed review of the Mecgar magazines specifically.