Tuesday, April 16, 2013

VTAC 1-5 Drill...Goal Setting

I am a big believer in setting performance goals to help push to the next level. One of my favorite drills is the VTAC 1-5 drill. If you scroll a few post down you will see this video of me shooting it.

That is at 7 yards, on a USPSA target with all hits in the A-zone. Time is 3.42 seconds with iron sights only. Not a horrible run. Then you watch this video.

That is Travis Haley shooting the same drill, or close to the same drill. The targets are different and I don't know what the distance is, but still. That is a smokin' fast run.

This weekend, I took Mike Seeklander's Defensive Handgun level 1 course, and Steve Aryan is one of his adjunct instructors. He posted this video last year.

He does a really good job of breaking it down and laying out a plan of attack to get to his goal.

My goal is to hit 2.5 with iron sights. I think it is a feasible, long term goal. The short term goal will be to break the 3 second mark. I think that will be pretty easy, getting from 3 down to 2.5 is probably going to be the hard part.