Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why the R1

When I made the decision to try a 1911 and started looking at my options I really had no idea which way I wanted to go with it. All I pretty much new was I wanted to stick with a 5" gun and get something that could do double duty as a carry gun and a match gun. On the front end, I really knew nothing about 1911's, it is probably debatable how much I know now after just a month of owning one, but I really had no idea what I was looking at. The thing about 1911's, as I understand it, is that it is pretty difficult to tell a good one from a bad one just by looking at it assembled. Disassemble the gun and you can get a little better idea, but even then, until you shoot it you don't know for sure. My 1911 choice was basically based on what I like in a gun, or what I thought I might like because some of the things I wanted I actually have very little or no experience with.

On my hit list were a fiber optic front sight, plain rear sight, checkering on front and back strap, beaver-tail grip safety, front cocking serrations, aggressive grips, non-ambi thumb safety, and a mag well. I wanted was as many of these items out of the box as possible. I didn't really want this to be a "build" gun. I wanted to be able to buy it, maybe make a couple tweaks, then run it hard. It is fairly easy to find a 1911 with all those options, what gets difficult is finding one for under a grand. Obviously, I didn't get everything I wanted with the R1, but I got most. The only thing missing is the mag well and front strap checkering. Both easy enough to fix with a little grip tape and new Main Spring Housing (MSH). I also stayed under my price point, which means AAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And that is a big deal.

For now, the gun is being run in factory condition to see how it runs from the factory. The only adjustment that has been made is to the extractor tension. I plan on running it with the 2 factory magazines (which are Mec-Gars) as much as possible to see how they work out. The idea is to see how well the gun will run from the factory with only a slight user adjustment. We will see how it goes. Round count isn't high enough to matter yet.

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