Saturday, June 15, 2013

Remington R1 and the 10-8 Extractor Test

As I have learned more and more about the 1911 platform over the past month or so, a go to source for information has 10-8 Performance and the Modern Service Weapon blog. The 10-8 Performance guys are well known for their 1911 specific courses and putting out good aftermarket product. They obviously know what they are doing (now they just need to have a class in Arkansas).

One of the tests that they use to ensure 100% function of a 1911 is the extractor test. Typically, this test is referred to as the 10-8 Extractor Test, but if I have my story right, it did not originate with them but rather with Ken Hackathorn. Supposedly the test is also used by Larry Vickers and Wilson Combat as a quality assurance measure. The test consist of two phases, shooting 8 rounds, one round at a time, without the magazine inserted in a normal shooting stance with a two handed grip and the second phase is repeating, but shooting strong hand only. You can read more about the test here.

The R1 passes the first phase, has twice now, but has consistently failed the SHO phase.

I have adjusted tension on the extractor prior to this test to where I think it is about right according to information gleaned from this article by Bill Wilson. If anyone knows what they are doing, I imagine he does. Considering the results of my extractor test, I am guessing it needs just a touch more tension. Will update once I am able to hit the range again. My supply of .45 ACP is dwindling, so I have to pace myself.

Other than malfunctions during the extractor test, the gun has been 100%, but the round count is still pretty meager at 258.


  1. You are ahead of me. I meant to do this test when I went to the range, but got caught up and forgot. Keep us posted on adjusting the tension to get it right. I'll probably be going down the same road before long.

  2. Made another tweak to the extractor tonight. Hope to test Tuesday or Wednesday.