Thursday, June 27, 2013

Learning the 1911: Pedal to the Floor

Due to some range limitations on the indoor ranges I frequent, yesterday was the first time to really run the R1 as fast as I can with some Bill Drills. I was also testing a new IWB holster, a Safariland Model 18. My focus for the day, using the advice of Todd Green in my Learning the 1911 Part 2 post, was to work on speed. I can work slow fire at indoor ranges, but really can't open it up unless I am on an outdoor range and that doesn't happen as often as I would like. So I loaded up and started working single shot draws, then a few 2 round draws. My best draw to first shot was 1.48 seconds, which is pretty normal for me. After that I started hitting some full fledged Bill Drills at 7 yards on a USPSA target.

I will be honest, those split times blew my mind. I had no expectation of being that fast. I have never run splits that fast that I am aware of. My slowest was a 0.20!! That is usually my fastest. On both of those strings I dropped one round in the C zone which means that is my limit, or actually just beyond it, but it is better than I expected. It also proves a point that Todd Green made on his own blog about the strengths of the 1911 trigger being running at the ends of the spectrum, either super fast, or super slow for max accuracy.

Next time I think I will see how it does in that middle ground around 20-30 yards just to have a performance benchmark. Quite honestly, I don't spend much shooting time there.

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