Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning the 1911 Part 2

The trigger system on the 1911 is both a blessing and a curse to me. Running the gun fast at closer ranges on moderately sized targets I really have to remain of my trigger control. I am not sure if it is just being used to Glock triggers and not yet being fully transitioned over to the 1911 or just my style of shooting and the SAO trigger, but I have developed a slight, pre-ignition push (aka anticipation). At further distances or when shooting a slower pace for precision, I love the SAO trigger. It makes the work easy.

As evidenced by the video below, I am shooting right around 0.35 splits on a 6"x6" scoring zone at 7 yards. If you slow the video down to quarter speed though, you can see the muzzle dip just slightly right before shots 3 and 4 break. It could actually be that I am having to fight the gun a little bit under recoil because I am still working the kinks out of my grip, or it could just be the "shoot right now" trigger is throwing me off. Either way, I have much work to do. I need some more ammo.


  1. Your pain... I feel it. After a year with the 1911 I still see a lot more anticipation than I ever did with my LEMs or even the Glock. I think it explains why so many instructors from the Gunsite/1911-or-die era talk about trigger control as the most important thing in the world and why a 5# 1911 trigger is considered "heavy."

    Personally, I believe the anticipation thing all comes down to that all or nothing trigger break. It's especially problematic for people who cut their teeth on guns with a more rolling trigger (like your Beretta). I've found that the only thing that really helps me is live slow fire for marksmanship.

    Also, if you are being slowed down by a 6x6 @ 7yd then I'd suggest using a bigger target and/or closer target. When I started making the move from "comfortable speed" to "uncomfortable speed" to improve my splits and see-speed, my shooting partner and I spent a ridiculous amount of time shooting full size sheets of 8.5x11 paper at 5yd. Just a thought. Stay safe!

  2. Well at least I am in good company :)

    I will be on a range tomorrow where I can open it up a little more and run closer to the edge of my speed ability. Will also be able to put it on a timer to get some harder numbers.

  3. I'd suggest taking a course from someone like Todd Jarrett who has no trouble shooting 1911's fast and knows how to teach 1911 trigger control.

  4. Not a bad idea.

    I was able to run some bill drills on a USPSA A-zone and got splits in the 0.16-0.20 range, so not bad I guess ( Just have to start working on the intermediate distance.