Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Shots

So far, the R1 only has 200 rounds through it. A mix of 230gr FMJ or various manufacturers and 75 rounds of Remington 185gr Bonded Golden Saber. Despite my best efforts, it took me over a week after buying the R1 to get it on the range. The up side is I had plenty of time to do my homework. From what I could learn, the R1 came from the factory with an extractor that was a little on the loose side. I left it alone for the time being, until I could run it through the 10-8 performance extractor test.

The very first rounds downrange were two magazines of the Bonded Golden Saber. No problems. Next two magazines where the 10-8 test. Not to my surprise, the R1 failed the test. Had a couple cases eject through the mag well shooting freestyle, and several stovepipes shooting SHO. Oh well, about what I expected from my initial inspection of the gun.

For the remainder of the range trip I didn't have anymore issues. When shooting under normal operating conditions (with magazine inserted) there haven't been any malfunctions. Toward the end of the day, I repeated the freestyle version of the 10-8 extractor test with the Bonded Golden Saber and the R1 passed. I imagine it has something to do with a change in slide velocity from the anemic 230gr FMJ target loads and a full power defensive load.

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