Thursday, June 20, 2013

Different Things Work for Different People Differently

I was reading on Gun Nuts today (great blog by the way) about Bob Vogel's pistol class and how he emphasis the grip. Interestingly enough, I took a class from Mike Seeklander earlier this year and he also emphasised the grip. From what I gathered in Tim's post on Gun Nuts, Bob and Mike have different approaches as far as technique, but the results seems to be pretty similar. You can check the article at Gun Nuts for video of Vogel and here is video of Mike Seeklander running a G19.

For info on how Seeklander teaches the grip he has a youtube video.

This is a great example of why we should try to experience different instructors. I would be willing to go out a limb and say both guys have the same, or similar goal as far as shooting; to perform at a very high level. I would also be willing to say that both guys do just that. But in this case, they have two very different approaches to the same thing. Which tells me different things work differently for different people. In order for us as individuals to find what works best for us, we have to do a little exploring sometimes.

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