Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10-8 Extractor Test, Take 2

After last weeks struggles with the 10-8 Performance extractor test I made a slight tension adjustment to the extractor. I followed the advice in these two videos.

My extractor is currently set where it will hold an empty case pretty well. I have to shake it fairly hard to get it to come out.

Today, I ran the extractor test again.

Leave it to a 1911 to make me out to be a liar. The last couple times I have run this test, it has passed the freestyle portion of the test. Not this time though with 2 malfunctions. Not sure what the deal is there. It does do better on the SHO portion, but still not a pass.

I could add more tension to the extractor and see what happens. I guess eventually I would end up getting fail to feed malfunctions, but for now, I think I am going to leave it the way it is. I am wondering if maybe it is not a tension issue, but something in the profile of the extractor claw. I am not ready to cross that bridge. My comfort zone with the 1911 does not include filing on parts yet. Maybe someone who knows more than I do can jump in on that one. If the gun continues to run like it has under normal shooting conditions, I may not make anymore changes.  Or I may buy an aftermarket extractor and firing pin stop to mess around with.


  1. Extractors are relatively cheap, so buy a couple from Brownell's (Wilson BulletProof or EGW), take out the original, file and play on the replacements.

  2. Indeed the plan. Haven't checked Brownells, but Midway was out of stock on the WC extractors.