Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Hiatus

My wife and I just welcomed our first child into the world. Given the incredible demand this places on my time and energy, I am taking a break from the blog. I will continue to gather content during my time off, but it probably won't be posted for a while.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

.38 Special vs. .38 Special +p vs. .357 Magnum

I decided that I wanted to try out some different types of ammunition in my SP101 to see how they felt, and if there was any truth to it not being worth shooting .357 magnum in a small revolver. Now, the SP101 isn't your typical "small" revolver. It actually has a fair bit of heft to it, which helps considerably I am sure.

I had a box of Federal .38 Special LRN in the range bag already, so I tossed in a box of my carry load, Federal 158gr LSWCHP +p and a box of BVAC 158 LSWC .357 Magnum. The BVAC load is actually a little on the weak side for a .357 magnum at only an advertised 1002 fps. I have no idea how close it really is to that number, but that is what I was told. The standard pressure .38 special comes in 770 fps and the .38 special +p comes in at 890 fps. So we have right around 100 fps between each load, and they are all of the same weight.

The best I could figure out how to compare them was to compare split times from one round to the next shooting at the same target, at the same distance. I chose to use a USPSA paper practice target (because I had one), and to shoot from 7 yards. My goal being to keep everything in the a-zone. I also thought video might be nice.

The average split times are actually pretty dang close. Close enough, that I don't think it really made that much of a difference if I was shooting standard .38 special, .38 special +p, or .357 magnum. Especially if you look at the whole story and see the actual split times. Some of my fastest splits were actually with the more powerful loads at 0.34 seconds.

The real story here I think is the amount of smoke, not the amount of recoil. The difference in smoke from the .38 special and .38 special +p really wasn't that noticeable from behind the gun. The smoke from the .357 magnum was indeed very noticeable. Noticeable enough that it made it a little more difficult to track the sights on the target.

Smoke from .357 magnum load
It is my understanding the lead .357 magnum loads will smoke more than their jacketed counterparts. The jacketed rounds tend to have more bang behind them too. So I think the next project is going to be testing a jacketed .357 magnum load and seeing how it differs.

I also definitely have a lot of revolver work that needs to be done to get on par with this thing. I am looking forward to it :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Live Reloads

I managed to get back on the range and ran a few live fire reload. This is the best (read: least suckiest) are my first live fire reloads, and they need lots of work obviously. I am shooting at a USPSA A-zone at 7 yards. For the SP101 I am committed to running from the pocket because that is probably how I am going to be carrying my reload when the gun is carried. When I get a dedicated competition revolver I will start looking at setting up a belt with speedloader holders instead. I imagine that will speed up my reload by a couple seconds. Hopefully. This is glacial speed.

I have played around a few different techniques in dry-fire and this seems to be the one I can accomplish most reliably. I just hope I can speed it up, although I really have no idea what a decent reload speed is for the revolver. Any tips are appreciated. 

New Duds for the Shotty

I finally got around to picking up something to transport my shotgun in from the house to the car to the range. I have long been in need of something, and I just generally don't like the cheap hard plastic gun cases, although they are serviceable for the purpose. I wanted something that I could also stuff full of shotgun ammo, a note pad, list of drills, markers, you name it, I wanted to be able to carry it. Essentially I wanted a range bag for a shotgun so that my normal range bag wouldn't have to crammed full of shotgun related stuff and not have enough room for the pistol stuff. I also wanted it to be somewhat economical. To fill this role, I decided to go with a ModGear Ultimate Rifle Case.

The case is intended for a rifle, but fits my 18.5" barrelled Mossberg 500 and extra barrel pretty well, plus all the stuff I wanted to carry.

Fully loaded and ready or the range.

Interior of the case.

I could fit two, 25 round boxes of 12ga birdshot into the smaller pouches.
Interior pockets fit a clipboard nicely. 

Or a pistol
Time will tell how durable the case is. I will make sure it gets thrown around enough to make a difference if it can't much abuse. It took a nice dusty ride in the back of my pick up truck with the spare tire and a bunch of other junk today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012