Monday, December 3, 2012

Mike Seeklander - Your Defensive Handgun Training Program

If you have followed this blog for a while, you will know that I have mentioned Mike Seeklander in the past. I was fortunate to get in on a class he taught at USSA in the fall of 2010, and it is really the class that kicked off a season of more serious pursuit of shooting skill for me. I was amazed by what I saw, and decided I wanted to get there. That is one of the great things about instructors who can demo at a high skill level. Sometimes, students just don't know what is possible. If you don't know, then how can you possibly want to get there?

Mike has recently published a new book, called Your Defensive Handgun Training Program, and is putting the finishing touches on an accompany DVD. On his Facebook page, he has posted several snippets from the DVD, they are worth watching.

FYI, Mike is teaching a class in White Hall, AR on April 13 and 14 of 2013. To register go to

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