Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chopped G22 vs. Gen4 G22

So a couple post ago I talked about taking a Gen3 Glock 22 and chopping the grip frame down to sub-compact length (ala Glock 27). The reason is better concealability, which it absolutely conceals easier than a full size Glock 22. The question is, what is given up in terms of shootability, it anything? To figure this out, I took my Gen4 G22 and the chopped G22 to the range on two separate days and shot Mike Seeklanders defensive handgun skills test, then compared scores. The difference, 3 points in favor of the Gen4 (144 to 147). To me, that is pretty insignificant and probably the difference between an okay day at the range and a little bit better day at the range. The only performance area where I feel the chopped G22 is giving something up is on the reload. It is much easier to reload a full size or compact size gripped gun because the magazine falls free a little bit easier.

So the skills test takes care of defensive shooting, but doesn't really compare precision shooting, or if anything was given up in that area. So I also shot the "300". I scored a 229 (Freestyle=85, SHO=74, WHO=70). My high score with my Gen4 G22 is 244, which I haven't repeated and abnormally high for me. I average in the low 200's, so a 229 is about on par. However this isn't and apples to apples comparison because I have factory night sights on Gen4, and Ameriglo i-dot Pro Operators on my chopped G22. I have found the type of sight to make a fairly significant difference on this drill, at least for me. It will be interesting to see if I can break the 250 mark with the chopped G22 because the sights lend themselves to a little more precision because of the thinner front blade.

Another performance area that I thought a chopped frame might hurt is split times or accuracy at speed due to increased muzzle flip. I already have an issue with visual patience when trying to shooting fast, and it seems logical that the chopped frame would give me less control over the gun at speed. To test this theory, I did a series of Bill Drills on a USPSA A-zone at 7 yards with the Gen4 G22 and then the chopped G22 for comparison on the timer.

As you can see from the timer, not much difference, the hits weren't any different either. Splits stayed in the low 0.20 range, and I dropped a 3-4 rounds over 5 runs each with both guns at that speed. That being said, it does look like there is more muzzle rise, I guess it just isn't significant enough to matter all that much.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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