Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Untactical, Tactical Shotgun

I think a lot of times when people think "tactical" shotgun their mind automatically migrates to a shorter barrelled shotgun with all kinds of cool guy accessories hanging off of it. I fall victim to this mindset all the time. What is it that really makes a shotgun, or any firearm for that matter "tactical"? I have been giving this some thought lately and decided it is worth an experiment. I ditched the 18.5" barrel and side saddle on my Mossberg 500 and put on a 28" vent rib accu-choke barrel with dual beads.

Obviously, the things that typically characterize what people refer to as a "tactical" shotgun are meant to serve a purpose, and give the shotgun some performance advantage either in shootability, sustainability, or manueverability. I will be running my shotgun sans all the tactical goodies for a while to see all that stuff really makes a difference, or if my "untactical" shotgun is just as good as the "tactical" version.

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  1. Here is a middle of the road strategy...

    I took a "tactical" shotgun, made it run better, but look like grandpa's old truck gun.