Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Revolver Trigger Manipulation

I got into a conversation over on THR about split times with .357 magnum vs. 44 magnum or something like that. Pretty much it was about splits times with a revolver. So I posted my video from comparing .38 special to .38 special +p to .357 magnum. It led to a good conversation about trigger manipulation with a revolver, and some mistakes I have been making. Most notably, how the trigger needs to remain in constant motion through the firing cycle. You definitely see some pauses in my manipulation. I slowed down the video so that it can be seen better than when watching at actual speed. Thanks to the guys at THR for pointing out my mistakes. I am still getting a handle on shooting the revolver.

I will try to get some more video in the next couple weeks to compare and see if I have improved any.

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