Friday, September 7, 2012

New Duds for the Shotty

I finally got around to picking up something to transport my shotgun in from the house to the car to the range. I have long been in need of something, and I just generally don't like the cheap hard plastic gun cases, although they are serviceable for the purpose. I wanted something that I could also stuff full of shotgun ammo, a note pad, list of drills, markers, you name it, I wanted to be able to carry it. Essentially I wanted a range bag for a shotgun so that my normal range bag wouldn't have to crammed full of shotgun related stuff and not have enough room for the pistol stuff. I also wanted it to be somewhat economical. To fill this role, I decided to go with a ModGear Ultimate Rifle Case.

The case is intended for a rifle, but fits my 18.5" barrelled Mossberg 500 and extra barrel pretty well, plus all the stuff I wanted to carry.

Fully loaded and ready or the range.

Interior of the case.

I could fit two, 25 round boxes of 12ga birdshot into the smaller pouches.
Interior pockets fit a clipboard nicely. 

Or a pistol
Time will tell how durable the case is. I will make sure it gets thrown around enough to make a difference if it can't much abuse. It took a nice dusty ride in the back of my pick up truck with the spare tire and a bunch of other junk today.

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