Friday, September 7, 2012

First Live Reloads

I managed to get back on the range and ran a few live fire reload. This is the best (read: least suckiest) are my first live fire reloads, and they need lots of work obviously. I am shooting at a USPSA A-zone at 7 yards. For the SP101 I am committed to running from the pocket because that is probably how I am going to be carrying my reload when the gun is carried. When I get a dedicated competition revolver I will start looking at setting up a belt with speedloader holders instead. I imagine that will speed up my reload by a couple seconds. Hopefully. This is glacial speed.

I have played around a few different techniques in dry-fire and this seems to be the one I can accomplish most reliably. I just hope I can speed it up, although I really have no idea what a decent reload speed is for the revolver. Any tips are appreciated. 

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