Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Responsibility of Carrying a Gun

Often times, people talk about the responsibility of carrying a gun from the context of not doing something stupid with the gun and generally being safe. I want to talk about another aspect of that responsibility.

It seems to me that most of the professions generally regarded as having the highest level of responsibility are what I call the "life saving" professions. These are mostly in the medical field. People who's daily job revolves around improving the health of other people. While I have a very high regard for those in the medical profession, in my opinion it is fairly easy to make decisions with the sole purpose of saving or improving life, even knowing that a poor decision may cost someone their life.

As people that carrying firearms we may find ourselves in a similar situation, having to make decisions that directly impact the life of another. But this is the difference. Where doctors, nurses, EMTs, et al. are trusted to save life, we who carry guns either as a personal choice or professionally are trusted to take life. To me, that is a responsibility that far out weighs any other than I can think of. Let that sink in for a while, and make sure you are willing to carry that responsibility on your shoulders.

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