Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The LC9 Trigger

In my web searching for information about the LC9 one of the consistent complaints I see is the long and heavy trigger. I guess the people writing that don't have much time behind DAO guns because the LC9 trigger in my opinion does not fall into that category. The actual press is pretty smooth and light. It is longer than your typical striker fired gun, but it isn't near as long as a true DA trigger pull because the LC9 rest in a half-cock condition.

My issue with the Ruger trigger is the two click reset. So far, this actually has not been a problem under live fire conditions, just dry fire. So it could be a non-issue itself, but since no one seems to be talking about it I thought I would mention it. Here is a video to show what I am talking about.

For someone who has put a lot of trigger time in behind a Glock where it is generally taught to use the trigger reset, this causes havoc. For other people used to shooting other types of guns with less defined trigger resets, maybe not so much. 

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