Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Defoor Pistol Test #1

As part of the LC9 and G22 comparison the Kyle Defoor Pistol Tests are going to be used as one of my data points. I had the chance to shoot Pistol Test #1 with the G22 on the range the other day. I had to improvise in a couple areas because I do not have USPSA targets available to me just yet (which is why I only did test #1), nor do I have true NRA B8 replacements centers.

What I did use for this test was a printable B8 replacement center. So it ends up actually being significantly smaller than the replacement center and essentially does not include half of the 7 ring, and less of the 6 ring than an actual repair center. I also used a piece of notebook paper folded to half the vertical size of a standard USPSA target A-zone to represent the reduced A-zone, and an actual business card for the head A-zone.

String #1. Running from the target to the 25 yard line and firing 6 rounds at the B8 replacement center.

String #1
The hit off the paper at the 10 o'clock position would have been close on an actual B8 replacement center. If it was on, it would be a 6 and that would be give me 50 points exactly. If it were off, I would be down 6 and failed this part of the test. Having done it once, I think I could definitely improve on this part. My run to the 25 was a little lackadaisical, and probably cost me a lot of time. As you can see, I barely got the rounds off in the time limit. 

String #2. One round to the reduced A-zone in less than 2 seconds from 6 yards. 

String #2

This was fairly easy, and well within my performance envelope. 

String #3. Six rounds to the reduced A-zone in less than 4.5 seconds from 6 yards. 

String #3
This was also fairly easy and well within my performance envelope.

String #4. Two rounds of the head A-zone (aka "credit card") of a standard USPSA target in 3.5 seconds.

 This is at the edge of my shooting ability. My draw to a low probability target sucks, and a business card is a pretty small target.

I am pretty certain that on strings 1-3 I can make some fairly significant improvements to the times. String #4 is going to be a challenge, but I like challenges :)

Once I get some USPSA targets I will try the other two pistol tests as well.

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  1. Defoor has some great skills tests. If it ever decides to drop below 100 degrees around here I want to try the "Humbler"!