Monday, July 30, 2012

"300" vs. "300"

The "300" has become a standard drill that I use for measuring performance, and also to work on basic marksmanship. It serves as a data point for comparison as well. On June 29th I shot the 300 with my Glock 22. On July 26th I shot the same drill with the LC9 for the first time.

My highest score with the Glock 22 is a 244.

My highest score (and only score) with the LC9 is a 190.

I am still learning the LC9 trigger, so that is what I attribute the lower score to. Not a limitation of the gun, but a limitation of the shooter.

Freestyle, LC9 (70)

Strong Hand Only, LC9 (43)

Weak Hand Only, LC9 (77)

Freestyle, G22 (88)

Strong Hand Only, G22 (74)

Weak Hand Only, G22 (82)
Obviously the SHO string with the LC9 really hurt me.

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