Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yes, I am that cheap...

I know I will be burned at the stake for admitting this, but I have been using your run of the mill Uncle Mikes IWB with my LC9 so far. I have used them off and on with new guns when I am not ready to invest in a $50+ holster, I don't want to wait for the ordered holstered to show up or I am not sure what holster I want to order for full time use. The good thing about the Uncle Mikes IWB holsters and also the Blackhawk variant (which to me is the exact same thing with a different name) is that they are cheap and readily available pretty much everywhere. The bad thing about them is that they don't always work that well. In fact I would say more often than not they don't work that well.

To me the biggest mark against the Uncle Mikes style IWB is the plastic clip. They usually are not very good at holding the holster in place on the belt. If you do anything that requires repeated bending, sitting etc. (no matter how infrequent) you will generally have issues with the holster not staying in place. Even with a "gun belt", like a 5.11 Instructor belt you will still have issues. You can pretty much forget about any type of running or fast movement. The nail in the coffin is the holster not staying in the waistband when the pistol is drawn quickly. It may not come out every time, but often enough to be a big deal, especially if you are using  a shorter barreled gun (at least this has proven true for me)

I was having that exact problem with the Uncle Mikes I was using for the LC9 as a stand in until I can decide on something else. I tried a few tricks I have used in the past, and none of them really helped all that much. I was still having issues with the holster staying in place, especially on the draw. Then I got a brilliant idea...cut the plastic clip off!! And then of course replace it with a metal one. I just happened to have a metal clip and mounting hardware lying around, so it made sense.

Five minutes later, I had the job done and the added benefit of a "tuckable" holster along with the better clip. Total cost of the upgrade, $2.00.

I know that there are people out there using these holsters because you can find them at almost every sporting goods store I have been to. That tells me people buy them, and probably a lot of people. If you do use one, spend another couple bucks or scrounge around to find something to replace the plastic clip with. It solves what I think is the biggest problem with the holster.


  1. Great point! We sell quite a few of these, as well as use them personally, and that is the only knock I have on it.

  2. This is a great idea. The reason I found this page is because I searched it myself and I'm glad someone else has done it. I'm going to go get some metal clips now and try it out.

  3. Hope you are able to sort it out.