Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wrap Up

So the Beretta has gone bye-bye, to be replaced by who knows what right now. Until further notice my G22 will be filling the gap, but something else will come along soon. When I first started this blog and explained why I was shooting a Beretta, I said I wanted to try all (or at least most) of the major brands of handguns so that I could have accurate opinions of each. That is still true, so I imagine something will come along soon that will get my attention enough for me to start shooting it.

I had right at 4,000 rounds through the Beretta. I was pretty pleased with how I was shooting it. There was some improvement taking place and feel like I was making progress. Probably the one thing that the Beretta taught me the most about was how to grip the gun. You would think that with a DAO pistol it would be trigger control, but not in my case. When I first started shooting the Beretta I found it difficult to control under recoil, and my support hand often times had to be readjusted on the grip after a handfull of rapid shots. The switch to Trausch grips helped this initially because it changed the shape of the gripping surface from something that was rounded to something that was very flat. But even then I wasn't very pleased with how much I had to fight the gun under recoil.

As I put more rounds through the gun I made some technique adjustments. I started rolling my elbows up slightly, which leveraged my hands together and squeezed the gun between them without an excessive amount of muscle tension. This also added a slight bend to my elbows. Visually the gun was much more predictable and more controlled.

We will see how the technique transfers over, but it works fine with my Glock. Hopefully it will work just as well with whatever I pick up next.

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