Friday, June 29, 2012

LC9 vs. G22 Update (6/27/12)

I was able to spend a little bit of time on the range Wednesday to get in a very light workout (less than 200 rounds) with both the G22 and LC9.

I started off running the Glock 22 with the latest Drill of the Week. Turned in an abysmal 3.42. Not sure what my deal was, I know I can get those hits faster. I followed that performance by continuing to work the 3x5 at 7 yards and got down to a 1.60 from a high compressed ready, so probably add another second for the draw. I guess I just started being way off my game.

I shot Dot Torture at 7 yards after that and scored 45/50. I had a killer malfunction during the Dot Torture drill. This is the 2nd time this has happened in the past couple hundred rounds. Happened at the IDPA match too. Almost the exact same malfunction. The initital tap - rack didn't fix it. I had to repeat with an exagerated cant to the right to get the brass to fall out of the ejection port. Kind of made me re-evaluate the way I would typically clear that sort of malfunction. More on that later. After Dot Torture I put away the G22 and pulled out the LC9 to put some rounds through it.

I have to say, there is a pretty significant adjustment curve going from the Glock trigger to the half DOA trigger on the LC9. More than I anticipated. It isn't bad shooting slowly, but once you try to crank the speed up it gets a little more difficult.

I wanted to try using the 10-8 target in live fire, so I taped it up and ran it out to 4 yards per the instructions on the target. I put 2 rounds in each circle going from largest to smallest. The circles are supposed to represent an 8" target at the distance indicated by the number inside the circle. So in theory I went from 7 yards to 25 yards without ever moving the target!! Actually, using scaled targets like this doesn't totally replicate shooting a target at the indicated distance but it was a good drill anyway.

I made hits on all the circles on the first two attempts accept the smallest (25 yard) circle. I pulled my rounds low and left, I am sure because of poor trigger control from switching between the Glock and LC9.

I chased it with Bill Drills on the largest circle (7 yards). This is where my unfamiliarity with the trigger really showed. My first shot was painfully slow, and my splits were just as bad. The trigger on the LC9 isn't bad. Compared to the Beretta 96D it is shorter, lighter, and smoother. Really the only fault in the trigger is the double click reset, and even that wasn't an issue. It was just I was not used to the trigger, and especially not used to working the trigger at speed. I got my splits down into the low 0.30 range after a few Bill Drills. I would like to have them in the 0.25 range, but for being such a new gun that I have less than 200 rounds through I am pleased at the moment. I am just going to have to spend some time behind the gun to get them down.

Total round count through the LC9 so far is 162. No malfunctions or any other issues, but that is an inconsequentially low number of rounds. We will see how it is doing around the 500 round mark.

Interesting note about the LC9. I have not been able to activate the slide release like I normally would. It is just an issue of getting the necessary leverage on it, but I guess because the gun is so small it doesn't allow me to get the same leverage I would normally be able to. I have never had trouble using the slide release on any pistol, even a Glock 27 I used to have which only marginally larger than the LC9. I guess it is a good thing I am brushing up on the "over the top slide rack" method to release the slide foward.

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