Monday, June 11, 2012

LC9 and G22... how much does size matter?

My Glock 22 is my go to gun...pretty much. It is the one that is always there. The Ruger LC9 is the newest member of the herd, and like any new member of anything it has to see how it stacks up to the "boss" in the group.

So here is the plan, shoot a series if drills with both pistols, average scores (either time, points or both) and see what it looks like. This is where you guys come in, what drills do you want me to shoot? You can post your suggestions in the comments section.

There are lots of good drills on and if you need help coming up with something.


  1. Size does matter... for capacity, ease of manipulation and concealment if nothing else. Caliber matters too.

    Are you just trying to figure out which shoots the best? Shoot for group.

    Are you looking for an all around carry gun? Shoot the Air Marshall Test.

    Are you looking for a competition gun? Shoot the El Pres.

  2. Capacity and carryability (is that a word) aside, all of the above.

    So you think something like the "300" would be good, the FAM qual (the new or the old?), and the El Pres? I can do all those, or pretty close to all those. Not sure what target they use for the FAM qualification course.

    I agree sizes matters. I am going to try and quantify it to see just how much it matters.

  3. Edited the title to better reflect the goal :)

  4. I recommed standard LE/MilSpec type drills. Double-tap, triple-tap, El Presidente, Hammer, various movement drills, etc... Swapping hands while moving and firing is something I recently had the privilige to experience in a Reactive Shooting class at Shoothouse USA and it was a real eye-opener.