Monday, June 18, 2012

IDPA - 6/16/12

I was able to shoot an IDPA match over the weekend and introduce a new shooter to the sport. Thanks to the guys at CASA for putting another great match. I did better than I expected to do, but had a couple mistakes that really hurt me. I had one PE where I forgot to move while engaging three targets in "tactical sequence" and one hit on a non-threat swinger. I would have felt much better about my match without those two mistakes.

I finished 5th overall (this was just a club level match), and beat a couple guys that normally smoke me. I am not sure if they were just having an off day or what the deal was. I saw a couple of them shoot and they definitely seemed to be on their game and shooting better than me. I think the stages might have played to my strengths a little more than they normally do as well.

I did drop more points than I wanted to. I ended up dropping 23, which isn't too bad I guess, but it means I have to run 23 miles before the next match (oh joy!). I started off really good, my first stage (#3) I dropped 0 points, and it was a WHO stage!! It went downhill from there. The highlight of the match for me were a couple of really slick tactical reloads on two of the stages. First time I have successfully used tactical reloads in a match.

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