Thursday, June 7, 2012

Added to the Stable

I acquired a Ruger LC9 last week, mostly our of curiosity. My experience with sub-compact sized pistols is limited to a Glock 27 and I wanted to expand my experience set a little. I have never used a Ruger pistol before that wasn't a revolver, and I have never run a pistol with an external safety, so I am killing a bunch of birds with one stone on this one.

I took it to the range for the first time yesterday and just did some preliminary function testing. Nothing too extensive yet. I shot a couple 5 rounds groups on 3x5 index cards and 7 and 10 yards. Followed with a couple Bill Drills off the clock just getting a feel for the trigger at speed. Then shot Dot Torture at 5 yards. I think I was a bit over ambitious on the Dot Torture. Since it was a new pistol, I should have stuck with 3 yards.

I wrapped it up with a walk back drill on a 3x5 index card and made it back to 15 yards before running out of ammo. I had two misses at 8 yards before getting a hit (not sure what was up with that) and 1 miss at 10 yards. I made the shot at 15 yards, but doubt I could make it much further than 15.

As for my impressions of the pistol. It is OK. The trigger is kind of weird on the reset. It has two discernible clicks when you let the trigger back out. Not sure what the first one is, but you have to let the trigger out well past it to get to the 2nd click before you can start pulling it again. The size I think is good. Any smaller and shootability would start dropping off. It is on the ragged edge of small, but not too small.

The external safety doesn't bother me, and turns on and off easily enough for me with my gorilla hands.

The sights are actually real sights, unlike its smaller brother the LCP. They pop pretty good and are easy to pick up.

All in all, for a small gun I would say it is pretty decent as long as it holds together, which we will see. I will be putting more rounds through it as time goes on. 


  1. The LCP's trigger is the exact same, long pull with two "clicks" to reset it. Your Dot Torture doesn't look bad at all given the equipment. I hope you enjoy the LC9 as much as I enjoy the LCP.

  2. My hope is to be able and clean Dot T at 7 yards with this gun. I think it is capable of it, the issue is just whether or not I am capable of it. The trigger breaks smooth, which I like. So the necessary trigger control should develop over time.

  3. I recently purchased an LC9, too. I am pretty impressed with the little gun. Although it is very small, it is very comfortable (thanks to the pinkie extension) and actually pretty accurate. Nice option when you want to carry a 9, but still want it to be concealable.