Monday, June 18, 2012

10-8 Performance Dry-Fire Target

I have recently started tracking 10-8 Performance on the radar and wanted to pass along a gem of a target. They put together a dry-fire target that is intended to be used with the NLT SIRT pistol, but can also be used with any unloaded pistol for dry-fire practice. With the 10-8 target set at 4 yards, the circles represent an 8" target at the distance indicated by the number inside the circle. So the large circle with the 7 in it represents an 8" target at 7 yards, and the smallest circle with the 25 in it represents an 8" target at 25 yards. Most people can probably find 4 yards of space somewhere in there house where they can use this target for dry-fire practice.

This target can also be used by guys like me who often times shoot at an indoor range that isn't 25 yards long. I can set this target at 4 yards and get a target size representative of an 8" circle at 25 yards. It won't perfectly replicate a true 25 yard target, but it is better than nothing at all. I plan to use this target in both dry-fire and live-fire practice.

If you shoot a 1911 and don't already follow 10-8 Performance, you should. If you don't shoot a 1911 and don't follow 10-8 Performance you should probably too, but you won't lose "shooter points" if you don't like the 1911 guys would.

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