Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Training Update: 5/21/12

It has been a while since I have posted one of these. I hit the range during lunch break today to try out some new carry ammunition and to pay a visit to the indoor range I typically shoot at, but haven't been to since February!!!

I started the day off by running a 3x5 down the range from 7yd to 18yd. Ran some rapid fire drills at 7yd. I wouldn't call them Bill Drills because I varied the number of rounds fired, I was just checking functionality of the new ammo at the speed. I had a premature slide lock during these drills. That is the first time I have experienced that type of malfunction with the 96D, it is something I will have to keep an eye on. I imagine my support hand just slipped up the gun under recoil and activated the slide stop.

After checking function of the new ammo I planned on shooting Dot Torture twice, once at 10ft and once at 21ft (it was a lunch break, so I didn't get to run a bunch of drills) I hit a snag though when I was assigned the #1 lane next to the wall. Due to the way the range has their ventilation running, the lanes next the walls get a lot of movement in their targets at the closer distances. I decided to be over ambitious and go ahead and push the target back to 21ft where it wouldn't move any and try that one first.

I have only shot Dot Torture at 21ft a couple times and I have never done that well. Back when I was running a P226 I think I pulled off a 46/50, which is my best score at that distance. The DA/SA trigger certainly lends itself to me being able to pull off those high demand shots. A DAO Beretta, not so much apparently. At least not yet. Being able to clean Dot Torture at 21ft/7yd is one of my primary shooting goals.

By looking at the target I clearly have the ability to execute my fundamentals well enough to get the hits, I just can't do it consistently. Dot #1 and #2 are good, but I pretty much dropped at least one round on each dot or set of dots after that. The WHO and SHO dots (#5 & #8) really hurt me. Between the two I dropped 5 shots. That is probably an area where I should dedicate some training time. Thinking about it, the only time I shoot WHO or SHO is for Dot Torture and the "300". Might be time to dedicate at least a couple range trips to WHO and SHO work.

After that disappointing try at 21ft, I brought the target back to 10ft and just dealt with the movement.

Normally I can clean Dot Torture at 10ft with zero problems and not a lot of focus. But not this day. I dropped 1 round on dot #8...just barely. That is so frustrating!!

My new short term goal is that by July 15th, 2012 I will be able to clean Dot Torture at 21ft with the 96D. I think that is a reasonable goal, and I should be able to make it.

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