Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shotgun Dry Fire

Saf T Trainers
The shotgun is a manipulation intensive platform. There are a lot of complex functions that have to be performed by the shooter in order to run the shotgun to its potential. That makes it an ideal candidate for an intensive dry fire program. I can work complex manipulations dry and then performance check on the range with live fire. This allows me to keep most of my live fire focused on pistol shooting, but verify performance on the shotgun and identify areas that may need more work.

Some of the manipulations that I practice dry are shoulder transitions, shooting from behind cover, combat and tactical reloads, plus 1 and plus 2 slug select and shooting on the move.

It is critically important that with any dry-fire routine a strict safety protocol be followed. All live ammunition should be removed from the training area and only easily identifiable dummy rounds should be used. The firearms should be verified to be empty visually and physically multiple times before starting the routine. 

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