Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Importance of Short Term Goals

Dot Torture @ 5yd
I have always thought I had a good handle on the importance of goal setting and had always set good performance based goals for myself. In some ways, I guess that is true. I have plenty of performance based goals, like getting master class on the IDPA classifier. Where I think I have missed the boat is with short term goals and what role they play in achieving the overall goal.

After making the decision to try and clean Dot Torture at 7 yards I realized something, I have never set that type of short term goal with a specific end date. All of my goals have always been broader, or if they were specific, open ended. So instead of focusing on something like my reloads for a month or so, I just work my reloads here and there when I feel like it.

Since setting the Dot Torture goal in stone I have noticed a very distinct mental shift. There is much more focus in my practice, whether it be dry-fire or live-fire with a very specific goal in mind (duh). This is what I think specific short term goals are intended to give. that intense training focus. My overall goal could still be something broad, but my short term goal should be something that is specific that I can work on and builds into reaching the overall goal.

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