Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grant Tactical Training

A while back before I ever even started thinking about writing this blog, I worked with a guy who was into shooting almost as much as I was (well...maybe as much). Back then he was more into AR-15's and I was more into handguns. We would debate back and forth about stuff all the time. I picked up quite a few shooting tips from him in the couple months we worked together that I still use today.

Fast forward a couple years and this guy has decided to start his own training business called Grant Tactical Training. He had some solid training before I met him and he hit the training circuit really hard after we parted ways and has gotten his instructor certs from the NRA, just finished getting his instructor cert for Combat Focus Shooting, and has trained under some pretty "high speed" type guys.

I don't think he is teaching classes just yet, but watch his website and his facebook page for updates and information on when he will start. I have feeling he will be a pretty decent guy to train with in the local area.

Also watch the Instructor Profile Series page for more information about him and what he plans to do.

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