Monday, April 9, 2012

FAST with a shotgun

I tried this, it didn't work so well. I shot 6 times and ended up with 12 holes. I really didn't think that through very well.

Need to try it again with a different type of slug. I think all the same principles apply.  


  1. I think the concept here would be 1 shell of buckshot and 2 selectively loaded slugs. Right?

  2. You could run it that way. I ran it just like I would with a pistol( just used slugs all the way around. So 2 rounds to the 3x5, reload and 4 rounds to the 8" circle.

    If you had a shotgun/buckshot combo that patterend well enough, you could probably use buckshot all the way around too.

    I figure it test the same skill areas. First shot to a low probability target, follow up shot to low probability target, reload speed, and recoil management on a larger target.