Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to the Pistol

Dot Torture & 3yd - 50/50
I was able to get some time behind my handgun again finally. I was at an outdoor range where I could move and shoot, so most of my time was spent working that skill area since I so rarely get to. I did shoot Dot Torture twice, once from 3 yards that I cleaned 50/50 and again from 5 yards that I didn't clean (46/50). Looking back on notes and just thinking back on past practice sessions it seems like that after about 200-300 rounds I reach a fatigue threshold where my fundamental accuracy will start to suffer. I have noticed from shooting my G22 for a couple weeks a while back and then switching back to the 96D that the Beretta's recoil impulse feels significantly greater. Not sure why that is, but I am sure there is some reason grounded in physics, I am just not enough of a physicist to know.

It was also time to switch out recoil springs. I have been running a 20lb spring for the past 3,000 rounds downrange and outside of some teething issues that can be attributed to weak mag springs at the beginning of the run I have only had one malfunction. The old spring had definitely started to take a set, and was approximately a half inch shorter than the new 20lb spring that I installed. I also had 2 malfunctions in the 200 rounds fired on the new spring, both 180gr Remington UMC that nose dived into the feed ramp, from the same magazine, in the same string of fire. The magazine was a Mec-Gar 10 rounder that I use as a training/match magazine. It had been a rock solid magazine until that point. I ran another 50 rounds through the same magazine and couldn't replicate the malfunction. The range deck is sand and I had been doing several reloads throughout the day and could hear a grittiness in the magazine when loading them up. It could just be a dirty magazine, or it could be the new 20lb spring is a little too strong. I am thinking an 18lb spring might be a more reliable weight, at least on the front end. At my next spring replacement I will probably try running an 18lb spring.

My highlight for the day was getting to shoot the Glock 23 that I stippled for a friend in the first part of January. This was my first time running rounds through a polymer framed gun that had been stippled. I have stippled grips on my 96D, but it still isn't quite the same. I have to say, the stippling makes a huge difference. It was a pleasure to shoot, and my performance with it was better than I anticipated. It kind of made me want to get my hands on a G17, stipple it, and start running it in matches.

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