Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Theis Holster News

I noticed a post on a local firearms forum that Tommy Theis is going into the full time holster business. He made the holster I am currently using for my 96D, and I have been pleased with it so far. Lookout for even greater things to come out of Tommy's shop now that it can get his complete attention.
"This is our last week in the meat business! Rhonda and I have sold our meat market after 23 years at Tommy's Country Meats. We will now be in the full time holster business and be adding our line of high quality Jake's gun belts to our line of holsters in the next couple of weeks.You guys are the first to get this message we have told a few folks but have not put it out publicly yet. Hopefully now I can trim that 4 week wait on holsters down some.

I truly want to thank all you guys that have supported me over the past couple of years. Not only have you bought my products, I have seen many many post on other gun forums where you guys were promoting my holsters and I sincerely appreciate it.God has really blessed through the word of mouth and the power of the internet my business has grown beyond my wildest imagination.

Thanks again for all you help
Best of luck Tommy.

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