Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back on the Range

I hit the range yesterday with a buddy of mine who just started shooting handguns. This was the first time I have shot my 96D in a while, or at least it seemed like a while, so I kept it simple. I shot Dot Torture twice in a row at 11ft, and did decently well. I shot a 49/50 and a 50/50.

Dot Torture @ 11ft

Dot Torture @ 11ft
The monster ventilation fans behind the firing line kept my target swinging back and forth enough that the dot would almost swing out from behind my front sight. That was frustrating, and caused a little bit of a trigger control issue because I would try to break the shot with most of the dot behind the front sight instead of rolling through the trigger break.

The buddy I was shooting with had an XD 45 ACP Tactical (5" barrel), so I messed around with it some. I really am not a fan of the external grip safety, but it was an okay shooter. I ran a B8 replacement center out to 55' which is the max distance at the range and did a slow fire 10 round group. It turned out okay, for me anyway.

I finished up the day working my press out. I put a B8 replacement center at 21ft and did single round press outs from a high compressed ready position on the timer. My fastest times were in the mid 0.70's, and my comfort zone was around the mid 0.80's. My goal is to get that down to the mid 0.50's. I have a lot of work to do.

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