Saturday, March 3, 2012

96D vs. G22 Part II

The past week or so I have had the opportunity to be on the range more frequently than normal, but for shorter periods of time. Since I still curious which gun I currently shoot better I ran a series of drills with each platform to compare against each other. In an attempt to try and keep the results from being polluted by switching from one platform to the next I didn't mix my shooting. Whichever gun I was shooting on a given day is the only gun I would shoot that day. Not sure that it really made a difference, but I tried.

So forgetting that it isn't the smartest idea to be switching back and forth between two so completely different guns, these were the results.

On 2-26-12 I shot a 49/50 Dot Torture from 5 yards with the G22.

On 2-27-12 I shot a 41/50 Dot Torture from 7 yards with the 96D and a 210 "300" score.

On 3-1-12 I shot a 36/50 Dot Torture from 7 yards with the G22 (horrible!!) and 199 "300" score. Followed all that with three FAST runs.
1) 7.97 (-1H, -2B)
2) 7.73
3) 6.90

It would seem that I am more accurate with the 96D, but slower. Guess I will have to start focusing on my speed a little more with the 96D. Or rather, my speed while maintaining a sufficient level of accuracy.

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