Saturday, February 11, 2012

Training Update: 2/9/12

I was at the range with a friend on Thursday so I didn't record times for every shot like I normally do to save time and to make the session flow a little better. I started things off with the iHack like I had mentioned doing in my previous training update. That was a mistake. I only had 6 hits out of 18 rounds fired. I was coming in under time on all but a couple strings, but couldn't pull off the hits. I meant to finish up with this drill too, but forgot all about it and ran out of ammo before I could. Even though I royally sucked, I plan to keep this drill as my cold drill and last drill of the day when I can remember. I like to be challenged.

Ran Dot Torture at 5 yards after the iHack and did fairly well. I pulled one miss off dot #6 due to impatience, and pulled three off dot #8 with the WHO string. Five yards is really at the edge of my performance envelope to get hits on a 2" circle WHO. I need to work on that. It is just a trigger control issue.

Followed that with three FAST runs, a 8.91 -1B, a 6.69 clean, and a 7.83 -4B. On the last run I was really pushing to get a low 6 second time and even though I could see my front sight was high out of the 8" circle I couldn't stop myself from pulling the trigger. Sad day. Last time I put any effort into this test a couple years ago I was running a Glock and getting high 8's, low 9's on a pretty consistent basis. I would be interested to see what my times with a Glock would be now having put a significant amount of time into practice since then. I have been running the Beretta long enough to get a good feel for it, but I think I was still running a Glock better last October when I switched.

Ran a few random drills just messing around and then finished up with the current drill of the week. I did okay I guess, really feel like my WHO reps should have been better. It is surprisingly easy to do my version of WHO draws with the Theis holster. Not at all what I expected from an IWB holster.

SHO Reps -3
WHO Reps, -7
I ran my Theis holster for the entire day and was pleased with it. I just have to be careful about when I am wearing multiple layers. I tend to grab a handful of shirt with the gun, which a shooter problem and not a holster problem.  

In total 284 rounds down range. Not a bad day. Have another IDPA match coming up on the 18th. Hopefully it goes better than the last one, and is a little warmer than it is right now.

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