Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Training Update: 2/1/12

I hit the range today to try and finish up the 2k round challenge that has been going for a while. I still have 217 rounds to go. I should be able to get that in the next trip though.

I started the day off with drill of the week 17 from It is too late for it to count on the website, but since I hadn't done it yet I thought I might as well. I actually didn't expect much difference between the two cards at any distance because the reset point on my 96D it is pretty much all the way off the trigger, but at 5 yards you can kind of see it. (I apologize for poor picture quality, I had to use my cell phone).

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to miss 1 round on each 3"x5" card at 7 yards. I hardly ever miss a 3"x5" at 7 yards, in fact I don't even know the last time I missed that size target at that distance without some type of time pressure.

At 10 yards I pulled 2 off each target. Just barely low. You can tell that the group is not center on the card, probably just a POA issue. I had the cards taped to a light gray target and they blended into the background through the sights some at 10 yards.

I followed that with another whack at the iHack. :) This drill must have my number because it killed me today with a lot of misses and shots of PAR. 

S1- 1.75, 2.72, 3.45 (-1)                S1- 1.33, 2.12, 2.80                        S1- 1.63, 2.37, 3.12 (-1)
S2- 1.65, 2.83, 3.71 (-2)                S2- 1.37, 2.09, 2.81 (-1)                  S2- 1.59, 2.41, 3.12 (-2)
S3- 1.64, 2.73, 3.51                      S3- 1.57, 2.24, 2.91 (-1)                  S3- 1.82, 2.52, 3.27 (-2)

I thought I was going to pull it together on the second run, but fell apart again on the 3rd run. I am very tempted to make this my cold drill and last drill of the day to force me to work on what I feel like is one of my weakest areas, shooting low probability targets under time pressure.

My next big drill was this weeks drill, #18.

Start Position: High compressed ready
Reload Type: Slide lock (reloads from under closed front cover garment)

Total time for 3 shot presentations/draws: 19.61
Fastest: 0.87
Slowest: 1.26

Total time for 1r3: 40.37
Fastest reload: 2.54
Slowest reload: 2.87

This was the first time I have tried reloading from under a closed front cover garment. It was pretty warm today and I forgot to take a jacket to the range to use as a cover. I am also notoriously bad about practicing reloads without a cover garment. I guess it came back to bite me on this one. I also need to work on my splits on an 8" circle at 7 yards. I typically use an entire sheet of blank paper just because I always seem to have some around and not so much with 8" circles. My splits on the 8" target are about a 10th slower, but really don't have to be. I think the gun is there, I just am not as comfortable with the sight picture so I slow things down.

I polished the day off with an attempt at Dot Torture at 5 yards. In my head I was thinking I could do 5 yards because the iHack is at 5 yards and I was making a fair percentage of those hits. Without time pressure I should be able to make them all right? Well apparently not. I put in abysmal 43/50 Dot T. I wanted to move it in to 3 yards and try again but was out of time.

In total 313 rounds fired. There had been some concern expressed about the tip of the hot muzzle extending past my Theis holster, but I had no such issues today. My last couple drills of the day were Bill Drills, and after that the gun was immediately holstered and other than being a little warm through the leather I didn't notice anything else.

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