Tuesday, February 21, 2012

96D vs. Glock 22

Up until I started shooting the 96D my go to gun has been a Glock in some form, most recently a Gen4 Glock 22. When I ran a Sig P226, it was very briefly (probably too brief) and I didn't commit to it like I have the 96D. I have been curious over the past few weeks how my 96D shooting is compared to how my G22 shooting was, or might be now. I was at the range today to pattern test and workout a new shotgun, and took my G22 with me to run a couple quick shooting tests. I ran the iHack, and the FAST.

S1 - 2.37 -1             
S2 - 2.61                           
S3 - 2.36 -1

1) 6.98 -1H -1B
2) 6.49
3) 6.74 -1H          

I don't know that it is very notable, but I do know that visually the gun appeared to be under better control. A better indicator might be seeing how I do on my next IDPA qualifier as compared to the last one I shot with my G22.

Oh, shotgun worked pretty well. I was dinging a 6" popper with it from 75yds. I like shotguns for some reason.

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