Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Next?

I am experiencing a bit of shooting ADD and starting to think about what project I want to tackle after making master class with my 96D. I could stick with Beretta and run a PX4 45 in CDP (since it is the only 45 Beretta makes that I know if), or move away from semi auto's and start shooting a revolver exclusively?

The revolver idea is more in line with my original plan of trying different platforms. I have always been intrigued by, but never seriously ran a revolver before. I had a S&W 637 that was an EDC gun for a while, and I was pretty decent with it but that was before I considered myself to be moderately serious about shooting. I didn't even really keep records of my shooting then, it was just about having fun. The thought of shooting competitively as a hobby had not even crossed my mind. I have definitely matured as a shooter from those days. Would like to see how it would stack up against a semi auto.

The revolver idea is also cheaper. I can find .38 special suitable for matches a lot cheaper than I can find .45 ACP, and a local gun shop has some good deals on used revolvers. The down side, part of this project means carrying the gun as an EDC while being used. I am fairly confident I can conceal the gun, but the reason I dumped the 637 was because I didn't like having such a small payload of ammunition in the gun. I doubt adding one round is going to really make me feel much better. After shooting the 96D for a while I should be pretty accustomed to a DA trigger though and I could even make a run at a FAST coin with a revolver. That would be fun...and probably never happen.

The PX4 interest me because there doesn't seem to be much information on it from people who run guns moderately hard. I wouldn't put myself in that same category, but I could at least run several thousand rounds through the gun over the course of a year or so, which seems to be more than most other people are doing. I think if I went with the PX4 I would run it for at least 10k rounds, maybe 20k if I can dig up the funds to run 45 ACP that long. If someone wants to drop a truck load of free 45 ammo on my door step I promise to run it all through a PX4.

So those are the options once I make master class with the 96D. I posted a poll over to the left for people to vote. Let me know what you think.


  1. Definitely give the revolver another try. For someone who is proficient with a semi, revolvers are in a world of their own. I ran a S&W 625 (.45 ACP w/ moonclips) for most of the IDPA season last year. The DA trigger gave me great appreciation for 5lb striker fired pistols, but made me shoot them better when I did. The down side is carrying it. I never tried, as it's solid stainless steel, and would conceal as well as a cinder block. On the other hand I find revolvers to be such wonderfully engineered pieces and think about decades ago when guns were guns and the men that carried them were confident with six shots. And it does feel great to shoot a wheel gun competitively and beat the bottom feeders.

  2. I definitely think the revolver would be the most fun/challenging of the two choices.

  3. The PX4 has a horrible reputation when run hard-Todd has some detailed comments after working with a Canadian contingent who unfortunately had it foisted on them as their duty weapon. Essentially, when run hard, the lubricant from the rotating barrel/cam tooth dries up, and the gun seized up; barrel/slide disengagement necessitates a mallet...The PX4, and its predecessor, the Cougar, simply don't play well with the other kids (and I learned my lesson with a personal 8357 Cougar for which my anticipated high operational hopes were repetedly dashed)

    Best, Jon

    1. I disagree... Todd Green has bad-talked the PX4 for awhile, yet others haven't dealt with all the "problems" that he stated the design has, myself included.

  4. The PX4 would be a combination experiment with a DA/SA Beretta in CDP and a reliability test of the platform. I would rather run a 90 series type Beretta in CDP, but to my knowledge one doesn't exist in .45 ACP. I wam willing to accept the potential for reliability issues. If I am not satisfied with the reliability after a while, I will reserve the right to cancel the test and move on to something else. I already have a back up CDP gun chosen if I need to.

  5. I like the idea of the revolver. Personally never saw one used for competition.