Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Training Update: 1/18/12

Made it back out to the range today to run the 2012 Performance Challenge again and the Drill of the Week.

I made it through 2 strings on the DotW, but failed horribly on the 3rd. I just can't get the gun up fast enough, or get splits fast enough to get a 3rd shot in under 1 second.

Time for pre-drill test: 3.32

String 1 all under PAR, 1 miss.

String 2 all under PAR, 4 misses.

String 3 every 3rd shot over PAR.

Time for post-drill test: 2.90

Apparantly this drill works because that is 0.42 second improvement. I actually had a 2.76 post drill test but pulled 1 round. Working on speed for most of the day today I noticed I started to develop a little flinch. I threw in some dryfire before the end of the range session to try and correct it. Seemed to help.

My 2012 Performance Challenge scores are as follows.

300 Average Scores

Freestyle: 78.6
SHO: 73
FAST target from 1/18/12
WHO: 60.3

FASTest Scores from 1/18/12

1. 6.93 (c)                       
2. 6.65 (-1H)
3. 7.10 (-1B)

FASTest Scores from 1/8/12

1. 7.49 (-1H)
2. 7.38 (c)
3. 8.17 (-1B)

I ran some 1R2 drills also. My reloads are in the 2.5 second range from concealment. Need to work on getting that down under 2.00 seconds.

This was my first time running with the Theis holster in live fire. I was pleased with it, was actually quite surprised that I didn't have any fumbled draws since it is an IWB holster and I usually use an OWB Safariland. I will probably run the Theis at this weekends IDPA match depending on how cold it is. If I have to layer up a bunch to stay warm I may run an OWB holster because I don't really want to have to dig under two or three layers of clothing to draw my handgun.

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